The swinging reduction unit has to be placed in the driving reducers shaft and it has to be secured on the front side by a stop ring or a similar device. Connect the reduction unit to the torque arm. Two elastic pads have to be placed on the arm in order to absorb possible vibrations and impacts which can run through reducers, bearings and carter. During the assembly, pay attention to avoid impacts and forcing on the driving reducers shaft which can cause unnatural working of reduction unit. In order to avoid any problems in case of disassembly, we recommend a careful lubrication of contact parts (driving reducers shaft-reduction unit), by anti-scuff and antioxidant products. In case of reduction unit painting we recommend seals protection. In order to prevent the possible rise of pressures inside the reducer, we advise to make an hole about 2 mm large on the cap for the filling up of the oil, so as to have a vent-hole


Reduction units are supplied by oils as indicated in the dimensions table. Oil change has to be made after 2000 working hours or at least each year. Remove the draining and filling caps and let the used oil off. Introduce benzol or a similar product in double quantity compared to quantity indicated for oil filling up in order to clean the reduction unit. Start the translation device in both the directions. Completely drain the cleaning liquid and refill the reduction unit with new oil following up the type indicated in the table.


Reduction unit wearing parts have to be replaced after a long time working. For a prompt delivery we recommend not to modify the reduction unit serial number and advise us the positioning number of the piece to be replaced, indicated in the components table.


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