C.I.M.E., leader Company in the manutacturing and trading of reducers for translation!

More than 50 years of presence in the crane’ s market and a production of over 100.00 reducers: these are enduring facts in the C.I.M.E. history, a modern company aiming the future but keeping up the tradition since 1960, through the work of three generations.

The quìll (or broached shaft) swinging reducers of "TP" series are strong translation mechanisms for bridge cranes, manufactured so as to perfectly meet the Market requirements and offer the possibility to be exploited in different solutions.

C.I. M.E. reducer is a high-quality item thanks to the application of the state-of-the-art design technology, the solidity of the strong cast-iron carter, a/so internally painted - in order to avoid any corrosion, the employ of high-resistance materials, the most proper heat treatment and the nice aesthetic line.

The maximal working noiselessness is granted by the helicoidal toothing of the three reduction couples, their shaving, the accurate processing of the reducers, the careful running test after the assembly and the use of a proper lubricant.

The above mentioned features, joined to very fast delivery times, allow C. I. M. E. to be at the centre of the attention of the leading bridges cranes manufactures.